Visual Arts / Illustration / Painting / Animation /


"Dancing By The Woods", Digital Animation

"Lighter", Digital Animation, Pencil

"Stick Enthusiast", Digital Animation

"Fire Fan", Digital Animation, Pencil

"Campfire", Digital Animation

[Translink: Ettiquete Project 2022]

[Group Exhibition: FLASHBASH 2022]

Featuring characters from the game "Feed Me" by Nitrome. This piece was for FLASHBASH- a group exhibition that showcased art about browser-based games in the early 2010s. (Link to FLASHBASH Twitter page)

[Comissioned Work]

Music Video Collaboration with Danny Echo. (Link to YouTube Video)

Song Art for Wila Rize. (Link to Spotify song)


"Symeon's House", Digital

"*VACUUM NOISES*", Digital

"Fire Portal", Digital

"Clutter King Sitting by Concrete Bricks", Digital

"BARKBARK", Oil Paint

"My Dorm Room Corner", Mixed Media

"Helicopter View", Mixed Media, Chalk Pastel

"Amanda", Collage

Emily Carr Schoolwork: Strathcona Linear Park

Acrylic paint on 12x12 inches clear acedate paper. Viewers were able to "flip through time" in this calendar.

Webcomic: Moonboy

"Moonboy" is a story about a young man who lives on the moon. (41 pages with animated panels)